I’m so obsessed with cake decorating at the moment. The weather has been way too hot to really bake properly without things melting but for whatever reason I just keep doing it anyway >_>

My latest cake creation was this daisy bee cake.

It uses a technique that I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while: hidden designs. I decided to just go with an easy version for my first time and did polka dots.

I’m not going to do a full recipe but this is basically how I did it.

To begin with I made a pink raspberry cake and cooked it.

Raspberry cake!
I removed the outside and mushed up the middle. It was totally delicious and soft!
Then I smooshed them into balls. I tried not to press them too hard so the texture of the cake didn’t change too much.
Next I made the yellow lemon cake batter.
Once the lemon batter was in the tins I pressed the raspberry balls inside so they were floating as different levels.
I was using a new cake recipe and they rose far more than expected!
While the cakes were cooling in the fridge I made the decorations.
The daisies were pressed out of sugar gum paste.
Then I painted the centre of each one yellow by hand using food coloring.
Once the cake was ready for icing I made some green butter cream and coated it.
It was so hot that day that the butter cream kept melting so I had to put it in the freezer every few minutes to reset. After it was hard enough I covered it completely with daisies. I also made the little bees for the top out of modelling chocolate. Their wings needed to be more solid so they were out of gum paste too.
Poor bees, they were very melty too! I think it’s not really possible to do good work with modelling chocolate in the Australian Summer if you don’t have air conditioning ;_;
So anyway the point of this cake is that when you cut into it and you cut through the raspberry balls you will get a cool polkadot pattern.
Now I’m a bit more confident with this idea I’d like to branch out more into other designs like leopard print or stars/hearts/whatever.
Poor decapitated bees XD
I hope you enjoyed my cake adventures!

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