Let’s do some nail art! Today I wanted to do some nail art which was inspired by the fabric background that I’m using to shoot these on. Quilting fabric often has really great patterns and designs which work beautifully for nail art so next time you’re in the fabric shop make sure you stop and take a look!

You will need:

  • Pink polish
  • White acrylic paint or polish
  • Slightly darker pink acrylic paint or polish
  • Hot pink acrylic paint or polish
  • A thin brush
  • Clear top coat

Start by painting a base coat of light pink.

This design is placed randomly all over the nail so I’ll just show you the basic shapes for the first one. Paint a large circle in white.
Add little semi-circles all around it in white as well so it looks like lace.
You can begin repeating this shape all over the nails at random now.
Add tiny dots of light pink into each of the semi-circles and then one large pink splotch in the middle
Add a couple of slightly darker pink dots or “C” shapes to the middle of the splotch. This will give the rose in the middle some definition.
And now add some hot pink little leaves around the outside. I went with 6 randomly spaced.
Lastly, once everything is completely dry, top coat it with clear polish to smooth and seal it al in.
All done!
Repeating the design randomly and going off the edges of the nails make it look a lot more like an actual fabric pattern.
Cute! Let me know if you give it a try!

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