I think it’s time for another random project dump! These are things that I’ve done but not had time to film tutorials or did when the lighting was too bad for photos! I do a lot of things which aren’t always included on the blog so it’s nice to be able to show you guys some of them!

For my new video set up, I repainted this lamp.

It used to look like this:

I added a fur collar to my old jacket and then I ended up removing it and storing the jacket as I got a new one which doesn’t shrink every time I wash it XD
I really loved this dress but it was way too long so I took up the bottom.
To make it a bit more wearable with a cardigan I removed all of the beading too.
I bought this top on sale for like $3 but it didn’t come with straps and was huge around the sides.
I took in the back and the front.
And added in some lace straps.
I painted our Ikea bench thing white.
And the sleeves of my favorite jumper had to come off because they had an un-patchable hole in the knitting ;_;
At least it still looks cute though!
I covered James’ photography stool in a really quick and slightly dodgy way because the underneath was all cracked.
When we moved everything around James gave me his old photography shelves. I covered them with some owl wrapping paper but the eyes creeped me out too much so I recovered them in white decoupage XD
Much cuter!
And that’s it for now! I’m sure there will be lots more random projects happening soon though as I have a little more spare time!

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