It’s outfit time! This post’s theme is head scarves!

Lottie has been enjoying what’s probably the last of the warm weather so we’ve been walking a lot.
Scarf: Thrift store
Shirt: Thrift store
Skirt: Thrift store
Shoes: 7 Angels
I didn’t even realise almost my entire outfit if from the thrift store hahaha!

I wore this to have yummy pastries at a French Patisserie with friends!

Shirt: Bergamot store
Skirt: Valley Girl
Scarf: Gift
Shoes: Mini MAOS

This was my Ikea shopping outfit, we needed to find James a new desk and we also bought a kitchen island! My Home Sweet Home has gone through a lot of changes that I want to show you guys soon.

Shirt: Japanese import shop at Harbour Town
Skirt: Coco Latte
Shoes: Mini Maos
Cardigan: Tempt
Scarf: Junk store on Swanston St
Glasses: Sunglasses from Diva that I popped out the lenses.

I really like the pockets on this skirt!

Technically I’m wearing a scarf on my hat in this outfit >_> The hat was from H&M in Switzerland.
I made all of the jewellery I’m wearing here and the shirt is from Supre. I was so irritated because I bought it for $6 then wore it and decided it was super comfortable. I went back to buy all of the other colours like 3 days later and they had been marked up to $12 >:( Not cool! So now I’m waiting for them to go on sale again because they are so freaking comfortable!

I ended up buying this skirt from there anyway because it was half price >_>

Arm candy!

I’ve been trying out some new make up looks too, specifically colours that I don’t usually think of like peach and gold.

And these two last outfits don’t really fit the scarf theme… but >_>

The weather has been so inconsistent lately, I hope it will just hurry up and be Winter soon!

Dress: Valley Girl
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Myer

I should have taken photos of all of my filming outfits, but this was the only one I remembered. I really like my new studio set up though!

You guys have seen this dress a million times but it’s still my favourite!

Now that the weather is changing it’s making me want to go on a wardrobe clean out… and subsequent shopping spree to refill it. Good excuse? Sounds good enough to me!