Yay! More knitting tutorials! I have so much of this yarn left over from my cable knit sweater that I just can’t help but knit XD

Today we’re making a knitted headband which is puffy and plaited.
To begin I cast on 24 stitches and knit 2 rows in stockinette.
The I put the first 16 stitches into another needle to work with later. I worked this in 3 sections of 8 stitches each.
Ignoring the other 16 stitches I knit the section of 8 in stockinette until it was long enough to wrap around my head without stretching it.
After the first 8 stitches it should look something like this:
I put those 8 stitches aside and then began to work the next 8.
And then the final 8 after that.
The point of that is that you need to have 3 strands of equal length to plait. Once I plaited them together I put all of the stitches back on the needles and knitted another 2 rows to finish it off.
To join them, I stitched the ends together and it looks quite seamless! 5 points to whoever can correctly guess where the seam is…
Looking good!
I love this more than regular headbands because it’s so squishy and comfortable to wear.
What do you guys think? Cute? I wonder what else I could make using this technique!