We’ve wanted to take Lottie to the beach since she was little but traveling with her on public transport is a pain in the butt so we waited until we could plan a proper day out with our friends.

As it turns out, Lottie does not like cars even a little bit. She cried most of the way there so we distracted her with treats and cuddles but she was having none of it!
The second we got there however, she took to the water like… a dog in water >_>
She wasn’t too sure about the ocean but once James got his feet wet she went nuts and started jumping in! She was playing catch with her toy too, I can’t believe how high she can jump!



For a while Lottie thought the sand was edible, she sniffed it a bit hard and ended up sneezing it out for the next 10 minutes. She doesn’t have awesome self preservation skills…



After such a big exciting day she fell asleep in the car on the way home, had some lunch and went straight back to sleep! We went out for some dinner and to take more photos. Doesn’t Celina look like a model here?


It was such a beautiful evening.



James insisted on being on the OTHER side of the fence which i did NOT enjoy!!! X[Pomeranian-Puppy-Beach711

I bumped into Chrissy who is a reader/subsriber on Youtube! It was so cool to meet her, she was at a convention that day and had a really awesome costume that she’d made herself!


Instead of dinner we ended up eating icecream… because… it’s dairy so it’s healthy… >_>


Hope you guys had a lovely week too 😀


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