Yay sewing tutorial! Today is part one of a shirt and skirt set remake! I’m classing this  as being part of the Sew Fun series but keep in mind it’s not so much for complete beginners, it’s more intermediate so I’m going to be skipping some basic steps along the way. There will hopefully be more beginners tutorials as soon as I have time to sew.

A few weeks ago I bought a skirt and shirt from Supre and I really liked the comfy stretchy lace they were made from. It’s perfect for summer and also super comfortable to wear. It’s a crazy easy pattern and I had managed to find some lace fabric on sale so I decided to make a couple of others so I could mix and match them together.

The shirt is a very simple shift design. It relies completely on stretch to fit and has a stretch cotton for lining as well.
For this I am using purple stretch lace and pink stretch cotton for the lining. Keep in mind that I can’t advise you how much fabric you will need because it will depend on your size. I used less than 1m of each fabric for both the skirt and shirt if that gives an indication.
To get the pattern I laid out the old shirt and cut around it leaving 1cm for seam allowances. It is made up of a front piece, back piece and two sleeves. You can make one of these yourself by using the same basic shapes as I’m cutting out but fitted to your measurements.
Lottie was extremely helpful as per usual by napping on my fabric.
This is the front piece shape in both the main fabric and lining, note the large scoop neckline.
The back piece is the same with a much smaller curve for the neckline.
The sleeve pieces don’t require lining and the are standard cap sleeves.
As this is stretch lace I’m not bothering to top stitch most of the seams, just overlocking and sewing where it’s actually needed.
So to begin with I placed the front panel and it’s lining with the good sides together and overlocked the scoop neck. I did the same with the back pieces.
I folded them right way out again and you can see it creates a nice neckline seam.
Next, I overlocked the front and back pieces (and their linings) together at the shoulder seam.
I then opened it out again and pinned the cap sleeve along the seam. Sleeves can be a pain in the arse to sew straight so I always advise to do them as soon into the pattern as possible so you don’t find yourself trying to sew in tight spaces later.
I overlocked the sleeves on. Opened out flat you can see how it attached to the front and back section below.
This is what it looked like folded up the right way at this point.
I turned the whole thing inside out, overlocked the edges of the sleeves to avoid future fraying  and then overlocked the shirt down the sides so it was sealed together into an actual shirt shape.
Then it was just a matter of tidying up. I added a hem to the bottom of the shirt.
And one to the edges of the sleeves. I also top stitched the neckline in place because it looked nicer.
This took me around half an hour to do including the cutting in the beginning so it really is a nice and easy pattern and if I ever have time I might churn out a heap of them in different colours because they are SO comfortable!
Looking good together!
And it looks good on too! In the next post I’ll show you how I did the matching skirt as well!
Lottie approves!

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