Melbourne is too unpredictable for picnics. It was supposed to be amazing weather but the entire time we were relaxing at the river it was chilly and windy!

Lottie couldn’t care less though!


She spent most of the day testing the limits of her new retractable leash.


She’s not great at judging distance though… at one point she tried to chase after seagulls which were like 5.1m away from us, her leash being only 5m made this a little bit of a problem.Pastel-River-Snapshots340Pastel-River-Snapshots356


We spotted some little fish in the river but Lottie was much more interested in chasing birds. The funny thing is, she’s such a coward that if she manages to get close enough to them she freaks out and runs back away to hide behind us XD



The second we had packed up all of our gear into the car to go home the sun came out and it was beautiful *_* Oh Melbourne! Y U HATE MY PICNICS!?

Pastel-River-Snapshots501Do you guys know any good picnic places I should check out? Maybe somewhere slightly less weather dependant >_>


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