For today’s nail art tutorial I thought I would show you guys how to do another version of rose nail art. This one is very simple and as long as you have a very thin paint brush it’s much more achievable than the more complicated roses I’ve done in the past here.

You need:

  • Lilac base polish
  • Pink polish or acrylic paint
  • White polish or acrylic paint
  • Green polish or acrylic paint

Begin by painting a base of lilac polish.

The rose pattern looks best when it’s completely random so add pink splotches all over the nail. I like to make some of them double roses by making one large splotch with a slightly smaller one next to it. You can see this in the bottom left of the nail below.
Allow the pink to dry and get your light green ready with the thin paintbrush. I prefer to use slightly watered down acrylic paint rather than nail polish for these kinds of details because it’s easier to work with and doesn’t dry as quickly.
With the green add small green triangles coming from the roses.
Add at least one leaf to each rose. Some of them will look good with double leaves as well.
Next, mix up your white acrylic paint/polish and draw a very small “C” shape in the centre of your first rose.
Draw a larger “C” shape further out and at a 90 degree angle to the first one. These lines will make the rose petals look defined.
Complete this on all of the roses. You really don’t have to be precise or neat with this, having them all look random and a bit different only adds to the realism of the rose!
Add a little white line in the middle of each leaf.
To finish it all off, wait for everything to dry completely then top coat with clear polish.
All done! and super pretty!

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