Last christmas I saw little felt pompom decorations everywhere but they were quite expensive. I think they were overpriced because of the hipster tax. Every time something uncool is picked up by the hipsters here it pretty much quadruples in value, case in point: dear heads. Apparently pompoms are cool who knew?


Anyway, if you have some spare time they are actually extremely easy to make with some needle felting supplies. Of course you could take the even easier route and just buy premade Pom Poms but I find that the repeated stabbing of needle felting is good for getting the stress out ;D


It’s really so simple that I don’t know if this counts as a tutorial.

Step 1. Needle felt some balls.

Step 2. String them together using needle and thread.

Step 3. Find a pretty place to hang them

Here’s a slightly more detailed video tutorial I did which covers all of the basics including how to actually shape the balls:


Yay! A seriously easy and stress relieving craft ;D


Now I’m thinking of possibly doing this on a bigger scale all over the house, what do you guys think?


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