Hair tutorials are back! This time I’ll be doing a lot of the reader requests that have been sitting on my list for ages!

So let’s get started, today we’ll be doing a bear ear style while was popular for a while in Japan.

Start with clean, brushed hair and part in the middle. This style works best if your hair has been straightened up the top as it forms loops more easily.

Take a small section at the top on one side.

Tease it a little bit around the roots. This will give the finished style a nicer shape.
Hairspray the area a little bit.
Fold the section upwards and back down so it forms a loop. Put the tail of it in front of the loop, this will help it look a bit more natural rather than something just stuck on the side of your head.
Pin it at the base. You can use one pin or two in an X shape to hold it in place.
Now repeat on the other side too!
Yay! Ears!
This calls for your best bear impression… Yeah this was apparently the best I had >_>
I like to add some bows to the bottom of the loops as an added point of interest.
Hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try it out!

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