It seemed a great time for a Home Sweet Home Garden update… mostly because everything in our garden is pretty much dead haha!

Everything was actually going really well during the initial phase and we were ready to begin harvesting things including the radishes which is what I was really looking forward to!

While a lot of the flowers weren’t growing over their entire boxes they were definitely alive and kicking.
The inside herbs and flowers were doing really well too, there was lots of natural light for them and other than a few little bugs they were surviving nicely.
Even my peppermint which I had assumed was never going to sprout made an appearance!
It almost looks as if there’s a garden there… almost!
Then in the space of a 4 day heat wave… everything died >_< I think most of you will have heard me complaining about the heat on social media. We had 4 consecutive days over 43 degrees Celsius and it got up to 45 on some of those days. It went from 20 degrees on Sunday to 43 on Tuesday *_*
Unfortunately… nothing in our garden survived that intense heat!
On the first day we watered like crazy and tried to shade them.
It didn’t really help! We have no air conditioning and because our apartment was built in the 1800’s it is basically just a big heat box so the inside plants didn’t do any better.
Wilted chives!
The birds took this as a hint to try and eat my radishes too >_<
By the third day this had happened and I had given up…
Poor sad radishes! You will never be part of a delicious salad R.I.P. ;_;
So very sad! It kind of looks like a plant horror movie.
Once it cooled down again we tried to revive them but there was no hope.
All of the neighbours plants died too so our apartment block just looks really depressing at the moment. The only thing that survived was William, our Billy Idol Day tree.
I’m going to try growing some new plants again in a month or so when I have time to take care of them again but this time I’m just going to go to a nursery and buy some ready gown plants which are a bit more hardy against Melbourne’s terrible weather!

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