Once upon a time, Sir Reginald Bunnikins was a very lonely bunny. Sir Reginald, or Turnip as he was known to his very close friends, had a very good job as the owner of the world’s largest tea factory. He had a sprawling manor house in the country side to spend his weekends at and a delightful city flat just near his club to enjoy during the week. Sir Reginald had all the tea he could possibly drink and some very lovely bunny friends but something always seemed to be missing.

You see, Sir Reginald had been blessed with a very good name and character but as his nickname suggested, he wasn’t so full in the brains department. In fact he had received his nickname as an homage to his best friend Violet’s most treasured romantic hero: Turnip Fitzhugh. Also his head kind of looked like a turnip.

But that was just the problem wasn’t it? Sir Reginald wasn’t much in the way of a romantic hero, he had no Arabella to rescue or eat pudding with! As a proper Victorian gentleman with no formal introductions it was rather hard for him to meet an appropriately chaperoned young bunny lady in this day and age.

The whole issue made Sir Reginald’s brain box hurt.