Outfit time! The weather just won’t make up it’s mind between hot and cold *_*
This first outfit is actually really old but I only just found the photos! Last year, QV did a pop up green house and it was amazing! I wish they would do it again, it was so much fun!

I wore my favourite dress for something appropriately Spring-ish!
Dress- Thrift store, originally from Tempt
Scarf- Dior
Shoes- Target
This outfit was just for dinner with my Mum but I was feeling extra colourful!
Dress- Ice
Cardigan- Target
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- Target
Bag- Birthday present from my Dad
Belt- Came with the dress
Glasses- Sunglasses from Diva that I poked the lenses out of >_>
We had planned a picnic for the little bout of good weather, it was supposed to be a really nice clear day but of course Melbourne weather says NO. It was cold and rainy through the picnic and then the second we left the sun came out. Bleh!
Skirt- DreamV
Shirt- Supre
Socks- Cotton On
Shoes- MiniMaos
Lottie was wearing her best smile.

We also visited the beach that day and Lottie was able to play in the sand! It was still quite cold so I did an outfit change in the car.

Cardigan- Gift from Celina
Shoes- Big W

Lottie was not even a little bit interested in getting her photo taken, she wanted to swim in the ocean!

Celina and Toby of course had to take the opportunity to photobomb. Their punishment is me actually using the photo!

I know I posted a lot of these photos already from when we were in Germany but I found the triplet shot I took over there too! I need to find a better way to arrange my photos because I keep losing things!

Hat- H&M
Dress- Infanta
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- 7Angels
Cardigan- Myer

This outfit was to meet Chrissy and Charles for dinner! It was so nice of them to visit us!

Shirt- Gift from Celina
Skirt- Cut up from a dress from DreamV
Jacket- Random tiny Japanese import shop in the Target centre which is always having 90% off sales… I’m so bad at remembering things.

I’ve been wearing more colourful things lately!

Stockings- Myer (I managed to get so many $1.50 pairs of colourful stockings at the end of seasons sale!)
Dress- Tempt
Jacket- Thrift shop
Shoes- DreamV
Bow- Handmade by Susie
My obsession for that day was wearing as many strands of pearls as possible and I think I achieved it!
Last outfit for today is the most important one! This is the outfit I wore the day that horrible heatwave broke!
Shirt- Valley Girl
Skirt- Vintage
Belt- Thrift store
Umbrella- Daiso that Becky left behind
No make up and the happiest day ever! It only rained for around 10 minutes but it was AWESOME.
I think we’ve now covered all four seasons within the space of a few weeks. Typical Melbourne!! Hope you enjoyed this month’s outfits!

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