Today’s tutorial is a request from members of The VLB 😀 The VLB is my monthly *cough*most of the time *cough* newsletter which includes all kinds of awesome things and the logo is a crest representing everything we’re about.

The original crest itself is a little complicated for a quick and easy needle felting project so I’ve just made a simplified version that hopefully you guys can follow along with and make your own!
You’ll need some yellow felt and other general needle felting supplies.
First cut the general crest shape out of the yellow felt.
Apply light green wool in the shapes shown below:
Fill in the opposite corner with pink wool.
Cut out a little crown from the yellow and needle it to the top of the crest, add a little red heart to the middle. My heart looks more like a circle… but whatever >_>
Now add some big fluffy white wings behind it.
Lastly use some light purple wool to write the letters VLB in each section. The last section has a heart in mine but you can add your own initials.
Done! Now you can needle felt it to a piece of clothing or put a pin on the back so you can wear it anywhere.
Thank you so much to the members of the VLB for this awesome idea, make sure you send me some photos of yours so I can put them in the newsletter! If you want to sign up, just check out the page here.

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