I’ve been looking a bit into some more DIY beauty options this year while we save up for a house. A lot of the more generic beauty treatments are really easy to make at home.

I was sent one of the Lush Lip Scrubs by their PR department and while it’s great, the ingredients are things you would find in your kitchen so whether it’s worth purchasing I guess depends on your budget. For me, repurchasing at $9.95 is unfeasible so kitchen cupboard here I come!
To make your own lip scrub you will need:
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Flavour if you want it to smell/taste good, I’m using strawberry
Pour out a few teaspoons of sugar, I used 3 and it was waaay too much.
Mix in 1tsp of oil.
Add a drop of flavour and mix that in.
Mix as thoroughly as you like, so long as it’s all wet with the oil it really doesn’t matter as you’re just going to be scrubbing it around. In terms of oil, I used generic vegetable oil because that’s all I had but you could use anything including coconut oil for something which has some added benefits.
Done! Now rub on your lips and try not to lick it off… or don’t try… it tastes awesome.
Easy! Now go enjoy spending your money on something else which is important to you… or be responsible and save it if you want to be boring like me 😀

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