Ok so I keep seeing these nail polish bottle holders for sale and while the idea is kind of useful, it just seems kind of a bit much to spend that kind of money on something that you can make in 30 seconds with a piece of wire…

Literally all you need is some thick-ish jewellery wire and some pliers to snip it (and curl the ends around if you want to get fancy… or safe).
Cut off a length of wire, maybe 30cm depending on how huge your polish bottles generally are… then curl it into a spiral. I got all upmarket and twisted the ends over so I didn’t stab myself with it later.
Make the spiral wider on the bottom so it has a steady base.
Now bend the spiral over it’s lopsided and the polish bottle will tip a bit.
Insert the polish bottle and you’re done…
Now you can access the polish more easily and didn’t have to pay any money for the privilege. Of course you could just, you know, tip the bottle slightly… but who has time for that anyway 😛

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