My obsession with pearls and gold chain continues today with another bracelet. This version is much more jingly so people will hear you coming ^_^


You will need:

  • Chain
  • Pearls
  • Clasps
  • Wire or thread


To begin with, cut a piece of wire around twice the size of your wrist and attach a clasp to one end of it. Make sure it’s nice and secure because it will be the weakest part of the bracelet.


Slide the end of the chain onto the wire, then a pearl and then the chain again a little further down. You can vary the amount of chain you leave between pearls for different effects, I chose to thread it every 10 links.


Continue alternating between pearls and chain until it’s as long as you want it to be.


Once you reach the end just tie off the wire, attach the other part of the clasp and then snip the extra wire.



Such an easy bracelet to make but it’s so effective and looks really expensive!



What do you guys think?


I love it! Now I’m thinking of perhaps making a matching necklace too!


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