Outfit time!! It’s been a while since I did a proper outfit post but I’m back into doing the Violet Triplet photos so I hope you guys enjoy!

I wore this outfit to the QV Spring tea greenhouse tent. It was SO hot inside but it was still good weather for tea.


Shirt- Valley Girl
Skirt- Thrift Store
Cardigan- Myer

This next one was a random day out shopping with friends.


Shirt- HimeLOVE/HimeHolic
Cardigan- Peter Alexander
Skirt: DreamV
Shoes- 7 Angels
Stockings- Myer

I also realised that I forgot to post my outfits from our Switzerland/Germany trip last year. It was a bit cold so I wore my jacket almost the entire time… so here are a billion photos of me wearing the same jacket and scarf combo XD



To be fair… the hair flower changed to match the outfit underneath each day… it was just to chilly to show that outfit!



Spa chic in my bathrobe at the hotel. It’s totally a thing.


Oh look, I took off my jacket to reveal… a slightly smaller jacket…


This time I reveal… a large scarf and a slightly smaller jacket… -_-‘


The one actual photo of me without the layers is this… and I can’t even remember why I’m making that face. James probably said something stupid.


On the plus side, archery is a great way to show off nail art which I did the night before we left.


I think it needs more bling next time!


But overall I liked this design quite a bit!


…Until on the way home I somehow managed to actually lose the polish off an entire finger. I don’t even know how it happened, they weren’t fake nails, the polish just flaked off *_*


I was pretty sleep deprived at this point so I tried to use donut icing as a replacement. FYI – It doesn’t work.


And next time we should be back to Outfit Of The Day in a normal, less sleep deprived format!

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