As with all NYE photo posts we have to start with the obligatory fireworks photo.


Every year I’m like “Nope, no more photos of fireworks, they all look the same.” … but… so…. pretty…Billy-Idol-Day-2013-Melbourne-Blog60598



And I’ve finally learned how to use long exposures so now they actually kind of look like fireworks XD




We didn’t quite start the new year with a kiss like you’re supposed to… in fact James told Tobias Happy New Year before he did me! Bad James XD




I got to catch up with Berry Travels for lunch which was lovely!


We had ramen, I’ve had such a craving for ramen recently, I think it’s all of this random weather!



I finally ran out of the tea I bought in Germany, so sad it was the perfect blend of yummy and mild. My tea cupboard is actually looking a bit bare, I think it’s time to hit up the shops!



Miss Lottie has been so lazy in the hot weather… to be honest she’s pretty lazy all the time these days!


She lives for her daily brush.


And if you tell her to get up she gives you this face then rolls over.



Bonus photo: drunk Lottie is coming on to you. ‘Sup ladies.


I tried a “bretzel” and it was delicious. I want to try to make some breads and pastries at home now that we have a Kitchenaid!


Also can I point out that Myer has the most disturbing mannequins ever? Seriously, what on earth is going on here?


We went to Ikea to pick up a new kitchen island and I thought this broken glass on the escalator was beautiful.


Like a spider web.


Of course, Ikea means meatballs.


And lastly I think this is the most accurate photo of Celina and my friendship ever. We were waiting while the boys took the heavy things to the car. You’d think she was doing something important like work but she’s actually playing Candy Crush… not like me being all productive and junk knitting >_>


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