Today’s review is a little bit special because it’s a review of a shop run by one of my long time readers: Cel! Cel has been a reader from all the way back when I was at Blogspot and I didn’t even realise that she had opened her own store until recently when I saw some of her pieces online.

Located in Greece, Cel’s Deco Nails has stores on Etsy, StoreEnvy and Zibbet. As the name suggests, she makes kawaii themed decoden pieces and beautiful nail art. She has been nice enough to put together some pieces for a giveaway as well for you guys at the end of the post!

In her photos everything looks extremely high quality so I was curious as to whether it held up in person!

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So on to the review!

The package arrived safely via airmail with no issues, it was sent over the holiday period so while it was a little longer than regular international postage that was down to Australia Post being busy and understaffed rather than a shop problem. The package was bubble wrapped and decorated with deco tape. Inside there was a selection of Greek candy and chocolates for James and I to try in an upcoming vlog!

The jewellery was individually wrapped in tiny bags and placed in a sturdy box for shipping. Everything arrived in tact and even though the outside package was a bit banged up from the journey.



All of the items came packaged in sets in little organza bags.




Unpacked there was a really big mix of items including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.



Let’s have a look close up! A lot of the pieces I received were handmade resin set on metal backings.



These earrings were actually my favourite pieces in the entire package, mostly because they are beautiful but also the hook clasps that Cel used as a base have a closure system at the back. I love wearing drop earrings but they always get caught in my hair and end up falling out and getting lost 🙁 With these ones, the hook clips in so there’s no chance of them coming out later!



Here I am doing my best show room model posing with the matching earring and ring set. Clearly I’m not going to be a Wheel Of Fortune model any time soon 😉


The matching ring was adorable too. I love that a lot of her items are available in sets.


The resin jewels were perfectly set and I thought that the choices of glitter were really well matched to the individual pieces and pretty.




In terms of quality I think everything is very good for the price point. I’ve worn my favourite pieces several times over the last few weeks with no visible wear. Comparing them to other pieces I have in my jewellery box, the metals were very strong and not at all easily bendable so I think that’s a good indication of quality.

It’s not a fair review if I don’t point out downsides but the potential only down side I would make note of is that as with all metal costume jewellery you need would need to take appropriate care while wearing it to make sure that the finishes will remain perfect eg. not getting hand cream or water on the pieces while wearing them etc.



Even the tiny metal filagree parts on the rings were sturdy which surprised me.



The rings come on standard adjustable bases which would suit most people’s finger sizes. I have very small hands so when wearing the pieces I had to make the ring even smaller but that was easily achieved.




The pendants came on a mixture of necklaces including stiff wire and black leather. I liked the stiff wire the best as it was a bit more delicate and suited my current style.

This Alice in Wonderland set was on the wire:


I thought the pendants were a really good size as well, they were little and delicate but not so much that they would get lost in an outfit.



Of course, what kawaii themed shop would be complete without some Hello Kitty?

The rings:


And the matching cuff bracelet is just gorgeous. Again I have very small wrists so cuff bracelets like this tend to just fall off me, if this is also an issue for you I would suggest making sure you look at the measurements before ordering.


But nothing compares to the glitter resin, it’s my new obsession. It’s just so hypnotically pretty!



I actually requested this pendant because in the Etsy photos I couldn’t stop staring at the glitter… when it arrived, I literally spent like 10 minutes staring at it in person. It’s just so sparkly… and now I sound a little like a crazy person… but hypnotic! I don’t wear much black so I’m going to switch the leather out onto a silver chain or possibly a string of pearls so I can wear it with everything. Hypnoglitter!!!


So the verdict: I thought the shipping was quick, the quality was great and the designs were very pretty. I think a lot of you will love Cel’s nail art and her decoden. I personally love the resin pieces the most. Cel’s store has a large range of different styles from cute and pink to more dark and gothic so I think it’s definitely worth a look.

Now the fun part…

Competition time!

Cel has been nice enough to offer up some of her lovely designs for a competition.

The prize includes everything you see here:



Full prize list:

-Red glitter resin ring
-Purple glitter resin ring
-Galaxy glitter resin ring
-Hello Kitty pink ring
-Hello Kitty black ring
-Kawaii skull ring
-Rainbow resin necklace
-Hello Kitty cuff bracelet
-Pink/Gold resin cuff bracelet


The details:

To enter the competition, leave a comment on this post telling me which piece from Cel’s Deco Nail store is your favorite and why!


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