Quite some time ago I posted  about this silk scarf that I had made to wear as a rose on my bag. A lot of the comments asked how to tie it in the rose shape so here we go!



First, you need to actually tie it around something, when I’m putting it on my bag I use the handle but in this tutorial I’m using a lamp because it was the right height. You could also do this using your hair as the part to tie it to or anything really.

So start by grabbing one corner of the scarf.


Tie it in a knot around your item leaving the corner hanging out to form a leaf. This will be tied one more time at the end so make the leaf a little longer than you want the end result to be.


Take the rest of the scarf and twist it fairly tightly.


Wrap it around the centre knot to form a spiral.


When you have wrapped most of it and only have a little left, tie the end in a knot with the first leaf you made so it forms the second leaf.

All done!


But how does this work on a scarf which wasn’t specifically designed to be the colours of a flower?


Again start with the corner.


Tie in a knot around the bag handle/hair/whatever



Twist the end.


Twist into a spiral to form the rose. This scarf was huge so I had to twist it tightly in the middle and a little looser to make a nice rose.


Looser towards the ends.


And knot the ends together so it stays in place.


Rose done! It still looks really cute! This style works the best with scarves that are one colour along the edges and one in the middle as it forms the leaves better but plain or patterned silk scarves still looks great.


There you have it! You could also use this to decorate gifts, for example if you are giving someone a bottle of something you could tie a scarf to the neck and now it’s two gifts in one!


Let me know if you give it a try and what you wear it on!


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