Remember how excited and obsessed with silk painting I was? It hasn’t gone away. The difference is now I have actual silk paints!



I even made myself a silk painting frame!


So annoying to use because of the size, and kind of dangerous with all of these creepy hooks that I made… but also so useful!



But what have I been doing with it? Well first stop was I’ve been making presents for lots of people! I decided this year to give most of my friends personalised silk scarves.



This one was for Kim who likes subtle things and simplicity.


This one was for Vanessa who is the most colourful person I know and who loves animals.


This one is a work in progress for Christina who was having a bad week at the time and needed something bright to cheer her up. I used salt to make really pretty patterns inside the stripes.


This one is also a work in progress for Celina. You can’t really see the design because at this point I hadn’t washed out the gutta or done much layering. If she lets me I’ll show you the finished design!


This is one I made for myself. When it’s unfurled the design is pretty crap but when it’s all tied up, it makes the perfect rose for one of my handbags!


I made this one with Sharpies.


And this last one I was a gift for my Mum.


This was the first one I did with the actual silk paint.


So overall, silk painting is the best thing ever and I want to do so many of them! Different sizes and designs and all kinds of things! Endless possibilities!


I need to calm down a bit and plan out some designs… I’m just so excited about it all! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a craft before, wearable art for the win!


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