Next in the series of lazy nail art is summer spots! I know it’s winter where most of you are but it’s fricking hot here so I want to enjoy the sun while we actually have it!


All you need for this manicure is a white base and some bright colours to bring in the sun! Essie sent me their 2013 summer collection  and I thought they would be perfect for this tutorial!


Paint a clear base coat then a white base over the top.

Next paint a line of dots, I went diagonal but you can go any direction or vary it each nail. To get even dots either use a dotting tool or use the thick end of a toothpick.

Paint another line of dots above the first in another colour.


Continue painting lines of dots until the entire nail is full. Top coat once you’re finished and you’ve got a fun summer manicure!


I feel like I should also do a corresponding winter version of these for you guys who aren’t having the best weather at the moment!