Recently I’ve been looking for better backdrops to be able to take craft/food/whatever photos on and while digging through a cupboard I found a tea tray that I bought when we first moved here. Unfortunately it wasn’t a colour or design that would work well with the things I usually make so I set about prettying it up a bit.

This is the finished product:


You need:

  • Tray
  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • PVA glue
  • Hot glue gun

I started with a basic try from an Asian grocery store. I bought this one because I liked the bunnies.


Next I covered it in white paper and glued that down with the PVA glue. I didn’t do a particularly neat job because this was going to be covered in the next step.


Once it was dry I cut out enough fabric to completely cover it. The fabric I chose was a loose knit so I had more leeway when stretching and moving it around to fit.


I used hot glue and glue it into the corner of the lip of the tray.


Looking better!


Then I folded the extra around the edge and glued it to the bottom. As this was such a loose weave it was easy to mould it around where I needed it to fit the circular design.Photography-display-tray-DIY30326

And that’s really it!


It really didn’t take very long at all and it’s been a really great background for food photos and macro shots of things! I like this fabric because it’s an interesting pattern but it doesn’t take the focus away from an object, it just add some texture.




I think I will make some other photography props, let me know what you think!

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