Ugh I’ve been meaning to do this home improvement since we moved in here three and a half years ago. Removable fly screens! We have 3 windows, one of them is floor to ceiling so I can’t do much about that but the smaller ones are just push outs. The building is from the 1920’s and has very little maintenance done so nothing is in very good repair anymore. We rent so I’m limited on what I can do to fix problems like the large number of flies Melbourne has in Summer.

I discovered by accident that our windows are actually very heavy metal which has been painted white so I set about making a screen which I could keep in place with magnets.



You need:

  • Mesh/tulle
  • Lace for the border if you want
  • Magnets

It’s really simple actually which makes me annoyed that it took me so long to get around to doing this.



Cut out a piece of tulle which is larger than the window.



Edge it with lace either by using hot glue or sewing.


Try to get “helpful” dog to stop laying on it.



Attach to window with the magnets in each corner.


Enjoy not having flies inside your house this Summer!!


It catches the light in these photos like crazy but normally you can even tell it’s there because I picked such a light colour.


Do you guys have any tips for what else to do with rental properties?


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