Today’s craft is a mini purse make over. I wanted a little bag to take in my purse while we were traveling but nothing I had really went with the other stuff I was taking so I decided to give this bag a last minute make over. Why I always decide to do these things right before we leave I just don’t know… but yay for the end result anyway?



This was the old version. It used to have a deco Hello Kitty face on it but that fell off quite some time ago… quality craftsmanship!


First I painted it white using acrylic paint.



Then I painted it pink using some fabric paint I had left over from another project.



Lastly I cut out the old zips and added in my own zip. It wasn’t quite long enough so I used ribbon to disguise the gap.



Bam! Way cuter.


Probably not the smartest way to spend the day before you are supposed to leave on holidays but you know, I’m not that great at relaxing anyway.



Now that I know this method works I’m eyeing off some other old cosmetic bags I have…

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