You guys know how much I love tea. There’s no debate about how much I love tea. I have a deep dark secret though… I hate loose leaf tea. Well not so much the tea itself but I hate tea strainers. They are always so cute but they never strain tea properly so you always end up with stray pieces of tea floating around which I just can’t stand for some reason. It didn’t bother me so much but now that I have clear mugs it drives me crazy.

So the solution which doesn’t involve me throwing out all of my loose leaf tea our of frustration? DIY teabags from Daiso!



They come in bulk, I think this packet had around 100 in it.



I started off with this delicious herbal tea I bought in Germany.


All you need to do is open up the bag, and pop in the correct amount of tea for one cup.


Then flip the top of the bag inside out. There are two little folds at the top which prevent the tea from coming out.


Best idea ever. I went through and did all of my loose leaf tea in one go.



Then when you fancy a cup you just make it as with any other tea bag!


And that’s how you make Violet’s crazy obsessive side extremely happy!


What is your favorite tea at the moment? I’m super into peppermint right now!


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