Have you ever done a craft that you just wish would END so you could never look at it ever again? That’s how I feel about this embroidery.



The saga of this embroidery started years ago. YEARS.I bought this bag from a junk store on sale for $0.50. See how old this photo is?? SO OLD.

VioletLeBeauxP1040393_340 copy


I pulled the clippy part out and came up with the bright idea that I would make my own cute clippy bag/purse/whatever. After seeing some embroidery in a magazine I was like “Hell yeah! I can totally do an entire purse! That doesn’t sound like the longest project ever does it? I won’t regret this at all!”




It’s so long that I don’t even know what happened to the progress photos.

Anyway I free handed some roses. Then I filled in the background with white and pink stripes. I bought the thread from Daiso and then they stopped stocking it so I had to compare like 50 shades of pink at Lincraft to find the closest one.



About half way through this project I realised that I hadn’t thought of a use for the bag and it was really too small to use for anything particularly practical. Yay?


But out of stubbornness I persevered.


Really the only reason I finished this project is because I was so annoyed at myself for starting something so time consuming I didn’t want to be a baby and quit!


The roses are totally pretty anyway.


So I finally finished it and went about turning it into a purse…


I cut out some green lining.


Stitched the sides together.


Put it all together…



Then I realised that that the clippy thing… was made of metal too hard for my pliers to reopen. ARGH! SO CLOSE TO IT BEING OVER!


So off we trekked to Lincraft again. Clip tops were all over $10. Spending like $15 on a purse that I was finishing out of spite that I was probably never going to use? I admitted I was just being stubborn and passed to save the money. Instead I found some cute frames at Daiso and bought them instead…


And so the saga of Violet’s Over Ambitious Embroidery Project came to an end with a pair of scissors and some maniacal laughter as I cut up the thing I’d worked for several years on…


It’s done. It looks pretty. It makes a good addition to the decor in the bedroom.


Now let’s never speak of this again >_>


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