We should kick this week’s snapshots off with Miss Lottie!



She hasn’t been featured much here lately other than in the background of craft posts but she makes such a great crafting buddy! In this photo we’re working on the embroidery that would NEVER END.


The council have been doing so much construction around the city lately. I’m hoping it’s actually for a good reason because it’s been quite inconvenient when they block off entire roads.

Fun to take photos of though.



At QV there was a Spring green house which was SO much fun. It was full of flowers and you could have tea AND cake for just $5!


Depending on the day they had different events there, we went on the butterfly enclosure day.


I really wanted to go in but it was full of screaming kids 🙁


The tea and cupcakes were really yummy though.


I felt very inspired to make my house prettier! I wonder if I could do hanging globes and balls from out fire sprinklers? >_>


My outfit that day, apparently it was so nice I felt like spinning…


James and I have been exploring the city more. It’s nice to go on photography walks with him because he looks for big shots while I look for small details. He took a photo of this whole building but I was more interested in the cool gate. Made me wonder if the building was named after someone who’s name started with K. Then I mostly fantasised about having a building named after me. How sweet would that be?


Now it’s warming up more there are little pockets of Spring showing up in the strangest places. In the spirit of exploring we went down a random lane way and found a super hipster-ish cafe. Melbourne-Spring961

In all the other places I’ve been, it’s dangerous and scary to go down dark alleys. In Melbourne, all the cool hipster places are down dark alleys XD


Apparently in our unsafe scary places, we glue buttons to walls.


I’ve been wearing white eyeliner a lot lately too which is really growing on me!


On the complete opposite side of things, I tried TGI Fridays for the first time.

James tried to creep in on all of my camwhoring shots. Not cool James! As payback, here is a shot of you looking constipated. Suck it!


The only real interesting thing about that is this delicious cheesecake drink. Holy crap it was sweet but also yummy!


So really the most important thing you should take away from this post is that strawberry cheesecake drink is yummy but way too sweet to drink all in one sitting.


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