This is a nature themed Snapshots! Well nature and food… I like food.


Favorite cupcakes ever are from Cupcake Central in Melbourne Central, the guys there are always SO nice.

Melbourne-Nature-Park338It’s best to eat them in a place that has a lot of cute tiny flowers.


I’m pretty sure it makes them taste better.




I’m not really sure why but I’ve been a bit obsessed with taking really low angle photos of tiny bits of nature lately I think really should hurry up and buy a macro lens so these don’t look quite as awkward.


Why yes, my phone does totally sparkle like this normally, why do you ask?




At QV there’s a pop up tea house which is super cute. I want to go!



I love that it’s finally the season for daisies. For some reason they seem like the happiest flowers.


We took a night walk for groceries and I played around with some long exposures. James is a very patient teacher XD

I love that everyone in this shot looks like a ghost except for that one couple.


This shot is like ultimate Melbourne, architecture and a ghost tram ^_^



Bonus photo:

Someone left this book near our apartment on the ground and so like a true hipster I had to take a photo. I think the only thing that could make this more of a terribly cliche hipster shot is if it was in black and white.


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