So my mission in life seems to be how to store hair accessories in the best way possible. I’ve written about it before. A lot.  So yeah. The perfect way doesn’t really seem to exist. But that sure doesn’t seem to stop me from trying again and again and again.

The latest thing I’ve been doing is using them for decoration in the form of a big flower bouquet…



It sure beats what I was doing before then… which was keeping them in a pile:



The key to this method is to have pointy sticks which form the bouquet which you can clip the hair ties/bows/whatever to. I made mine out of wire wrapped in yarn and then mixed them in with some fake flowers for good measure.


Start by cutting a length of wire and then hot glue the end of your yarn to it.



Wrap the yarn tightly around the end of the wire and continue to the other end.


When you get to the other end glue in place and cut the excess.



Make a heap of them.


Now begin to arrange your flowers. I bent the ends of the wires so they were curly and interesting and then arranged them between the other sticks, leaves and flowers I had.


Next I began clipping on some of the larger hair flowers and accessories.



I have a lot of them so it took quite a while to fill in all the gaps…



But once it was done it looked pretty cute!



And in the Bathroom it does look huge but it’s a good way to display everything so I won’t forget what I have and can colour match them to my outfits.


The rest of the bathroom is pretty bare because I was giving it a big clean. How cute are the bee tooth brush holders though?? Everything will be spring themed soon!


So I’ve been using it this way for a few months and it seems to be walking the line between pretty and practical very well so far. I’m pretty happy anyway! Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions I can try out! I think I probably need to start whittling down my collection but I’m a sucker for cute accessories and I like having things in a rainbow of colours… you know… just in case I ever want to have a neon yellow outfit… I don’t think I’m fooling anyone. I may just be a hoarder.


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