Neckerchiefs! I love them! Knitted neckerchief is really hard to type without wanting to spell it knitted kneckerchief…

But back on track, for today’s project let’s make a stripy knitted neckerchief! This design and length is great because it can double as an usamimi. Winner!



You need:

  • 2 colours of yarn
  • Knitting needles
  • Crochet hook or a yarn needle



Start by knitting a triangle of the first colour. Do this by starting with one stitch and increasing one stitch at the beginning of each row until you have 12 stitches on the needle.

Knit this in a stockinette stitch.

Change colours and then knit for 10 rows.


Change colours, knit for 10 rows etc until it’s long enough to go around your neck and down the other side.

Decrease one stitch every row until you have one stitch on the needle. I think it’s nice to end on the same colour you started. Do not change colours or tie off.

Now increase one stitch every row until you have 13 again and continue making stripes in each colour until it’s as long as the first half you made.

Decrease every row until you have one left and tie off.



So what you want to have is a really long snake with two pointy ends and a thinner part in the middle. You should be able to fold it in half and have them match up perfectly.



So fold it in half and stitch around the edges. I found the easiest way to do it was to use a crochet hook and single crochet around the edge to seal the two pieces together. You could also easily blanket stitch. I chose to do it in the lighter cream colour but contrasting would be cute too.

Now here’s the important part. When you reach the end you want to skip stitching the two halves together for one square of colour. I continued crocheting past that square but I just did it to the top piece rather than stitching them together.

Stitch all the way around the other side and again make sure that you skip the same square on the other side.

What you will end up with is a hole you can poke through:





So all you need to do to wear it is poke one end through that hole to form a big loop!



Like this!


Yay! Now put it around you neck or your head as an usamimi and you’re good to go 😀


Hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try it out!


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