Time for some slightly more complicated nails! I’ve been really obsessed with Dior’s Cannage print recently. It is apparently based on the woven designs on Napoleon’s chairs. Tiny design? Sounds like a nail art challenge to me!

Anyway the design is very intricate and involves stripes horizontally, vertically and on both diagonals. This is my finished result:


So let’s learn the basic pattern in a bigger form before we get crazy fancy and tiny with it.


Keep in mind that you may find it easier to paint with if you water your acrylic paint down a little bit so it has a smoother consistency. Don’t worry about any bumps as the clear top coat will smooth it all out.


This version uses a slightly larger brush and features only one of the 8 sided patterns in the very middle. In the design below it, you can see one I did with a very small brush making the design smaller and more intricate.



Whether you go big or small it’s a really pretty design!


Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you give it a try!


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