Before we went off to Switzerland we visited the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Ultimate photo opportunity!




The problem with ultimate photo taking opportunities is that you turn around and your whole group looks like this. How epic are the poses Tobias makes while he shoots?



Celina and I tried making cute poses together…


But for some reason we just ended up looking like we were in a buddy cop movie.


Seriously epic posing.



This beautiful sun filled photo was unfortunately the only sun we got all day. The weather was TERRIBLE.


It was freezing and muddy and after seeing the fields it started pouring rain so we had to leave. We thought we’d seen the whole festival but looking at the map later we noticed that the rest of the event was behind a hill which we hadn’t seen… we only ended up seeing 1/4 of it >_<

This is why you should read the maps they hand you on the way in people!

But on the plus side it was really fun and how pretty do the pictures look?





I’m trying to edit this so the entire post isn’t the same photo of flowers over and over again… but they all kind of look the same after a while.




I also discovered that my camera has a mode which adds sparkles.

This is me using that mode for it’s intended purpose ie. subtly :



Here is me abusing it to make glitter tulips >_>


This was the last shot before the rain started hammering down and we ran for the car! Poor PastViolet in the photo, you don’t even know how cold and wet you’re about to get!



All in all it was actually a really fun day out! It’s funny but even the most terrible Melbourne weather can be made better if you have great company! And next time I’m going to read the damn map!

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