French nails are one of the most classic ways to wear your nails but they can be a pain in the butt to do.

Today’s lazy nail art tutorial will show you how to use one of the special french tip brushes.


In this version of French tips, the brush makes things really simple because it’s actually cut in the shape you want to make. I got this one from Daiso but many drug store brands have their own versions of this available.

So first apply a base coat to your nails. Once it’s dry, apply a small amount of white polish to the brush. Line it up with the natural white on your nail and press it down slightly to apply the polish to the nail in the right shape. It will do around half of the nail. Flip the brush the other way and apply it to the other side to form the perfect curve.

Don’t worry about the top of the nail too much as it can be filled in later, you just want to get the shape right first.


If you aren’t happy with the shape, you can clean it up with a toothpick while still wet. Once it’s completely dry apply a transparent pink coat over the top of the whole nail. I used a shiny glitter one.


All done! The special brush really make this much easier to do so if you like the French loop I would definitely suggest trying it out.How-To-Use-French-Tip-Brush-Violet-LeBeaux4


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