I always have such grand plans of relaxing when we travel. This time I went to the effort of making my own diary to paint in and everything… and barely used it because we were so busy! I am so not good at relaxing!


I made the book by cutting watercolour paper to size then clamping them together and gluing the spine to another piece of paper.



Once it was dry I folded the edges over and glued them down.



Then it was time to paint the outside to personalise it for the trip.



I went with a pink and purple gradient on the spine.


Then filled in the rest with a sketch of Zurich and the title.



Before we left I covered it in clear contact so it didn’t get dirty.



Of course I didn’t actually get much time to use it at all… I painted this on the first flight…



In fact flights were almost my only painting time >_<


As you can see the second leg of the journey wasn’t as glamorous as the first!



I’m normally fine with flying but after 21 hours of being in planes plus the 4 hours waiting around in airports plus the time we were awake before we even left our house for the first flight I started to feel a little worse for wear.


I had a little bit more time in Germany and managed to sketch this after our archery adventure sometime between watching How I Met Your Mother in German and drifting in and out of consciousness.



I managed to do this sketch while looking at the actual view along the lake which was nice haha!



And there ends how much I painted on the trip… Next time I swear I’m going to lay on a beach somewhere and do nothing but sip fruity drinks and paint…. next time >_>