So remember last week I mentioned that I had ordered a new camera and was excited about Snapshots again? It arrived and I’ve been having WAY too much fun with it!

It’s a tradition in our house that the first photo of a new camera has to be a family portrait. Lottie really isn’t so into family portraits as I am though and she likes to ruin them by trying to lick you in the face as soon as she realises what’s going on -_-‘

So this time my first photo was…


At least we managed one nice one.


Testing the minimum focusing distance with my nails. I think I want to get a macro attachment



The camera that I ended up deciding on was the Panasonic GF6 body, I had the GF3 with 2 lenses so I’ll be keeping my old lenses and then selling on the old body.


So that afternoon we decided to go out and do a photography walk around the city so I could play with it.


I call this photo “Creeper Bird Watches As You Bathe”…


And this one is “Creeper Bird Watches Other Creeper Bird Watching As You Bathe”


And this is the first bird escaping the other two >_>



Random architecture break!


This model has a lot more unnessecary filters than my other one did… which I intend to abuse severely. This filter is called “Impressive Art”… so guys are you impressed? ;D


As usual I spent most of my time taking photos of pretty flowers.



My two favorite features of the camera (other than the obvious fact that the image quality craps all over my old camera) so far have been the wifi ability and the flip screen.


With the wifi I can send photos directly to my computer and my phone right from the camera without needing an internet connections. I also love that I can control the camera with an app on my phone, it’s going to make filming videos SO much easier if I can press start on my phone!


My favorite photo of the night:


The ability in low light is actually really good too so I’m looking forward to taking more night time shots.

Now I just need to decide if I want to deco the camera or leave it as is, it’s a really clean and sharp design so I’m having trouble thinking of any deco designs which will actually add to the design instead of taking away from it!


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