I posted these nails on Instagram a few weeks ago and there were quite a few tutorial requests so here it is!

A lot of people use stickers or pinking shears to cut tape to do this style but I found it was quite a bit neater to just paint them using a very sharp brush. Of course there are many other ways to achieve the same look so go with whatever works best for you.


So first paint a base colour of the bottom colour. I used acrylic paint to quickly paint on the basic pattern so you guys could see what I was doing but that’s optional. It does really help to be able to follow a pattern and get your strokes even.

So the key is to have a brush with a very straight edge. I find Essie brushes really good for this.

Make the first line by holing the brush at a 45 degree angle and pressing it into place. This works best if you only have a tiny amount of polish on the brush and press it onto the nail rather than actually dragging it. Use the shape of the brush to your advantage.


Make the next stripe in the same way but in the other direction so it forms the first zigzag. Don’t worry if there’s not much polish there, we just want to make sure the edge is perfect for now.

Continue until you finish the zigzag.


Now paint over the zigzag and upwards to the rest of the nail so the colour is opaque. Once it’s dry repeat the process with the top colour.

You can either leave it as is and top coat or do what I did and use a tiny brush with white acrylic paint to paint white lines over the edges of the zigzag.


Once you top coat them, they look amazing! Winner!



Let me know if you guys give it a try 😀

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