Today I’ll show you how I style my curls once they are starting to fall flat. I use this style a lot while I’m traveling because I love curls but often don’t bother to bring curling implements for short trips. With styles like this and some other tips I can make the curls last a few days.

And here’s the transcript:
Hello Besties!
Today I’m going to show you what you can do with curls that are a couple days old and have lost their bounce!
Let’s get started!
Curls are awesome but after the first day they get kind of flat and floppy.
So rather than heat styling and risking damage, here’s what I usually do!
Leaving your fringe alone, brush all your hair upwards into a high pony tail.
Don’t brush through the curls, you want them to really messy and poufy.
But not SO messy that your curls try to eat your hair brush!
So now you can go one of two ways:
You can give it a twist like this and then pin the curls to your head…
Or you can cheat like me! This is way easier but looks a little different.
Just use an elastic hair band and pull it up into a really high pony tail.
Now just pull all the hair forward and fluff it out!
Fluff it out as much as you can so it’s super huge and messy.
Use some volumising powder if you want to go extreme!
Looks a little weird like this, but once you scrunch it up towards the band…
…and start pinning it in place….
You can form it into whatever shape you want, big or small, wide or tall!
And it just looks like a big curly bun that you actually put effort into!
Now just style your fringe so that it matches!
I like to curl my little side bits as well.
Minimal heat styling for the win! I always use a heat protector but even then a flat iron is around 180 celcius
Heat like that is always going to do some damage, so give your hair the occasional break!
And as Violet always says: hairspray the bajeebus out of it!
Once you’re sure all the pins are hidden, add some accessories!
A head band, huge bow or just something little, go with what you feel works best with your outfit.
There are lots of different ways to wear this one and it’s a good alternative to a plain old ordinary bun.
It’s very quick to do and with no damaging styling plus you get to wear your curls for an extra day!
This style is also really great for travelling.
I won’t tell anyone we started with old curls if you don’t 😉
Thanks so much for watching, bye!~~~~~~~~~~~~Shop:


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