I talked about lazy inspiration in the latest issue of The VLB yesterday and I’m going to talk about it more on the blog next Monday but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing in the mean time.

So lazy inspiration? Why yes I’ve got some awesomely lazy nail art today! This one is great because it’s hard to screw up. As long as you’ve got a paint brush, a match, a dotting tool or something pointy you can do this. I’ve even done it with a ball point pen in a pinch.

So the design is basically plain nails with dots decorating the moon area of the nail. It’s a little vintage, a lot cute and really simple to do. There are so many variations depending on how much time you want to take as well.

Here’s the most basic one:



First paint a base coat of something bright. Next paint little dots in a semi circle shape at the cuticle out of white acrylic paint. Version 1 done!

If you want to take it a step further you can add a second row of dots, placing them between every second of the first row. Version 2 done!




If you want to get really fancy just add more rows using the same basic formula. Or add a feature nail with your initials! Version 3 done!



Once the acrylic paint dries give everything a clear top coat to protect it and you’re done 😀 It’s a really simple design but it’s very visually effective. Let me know if you give it a try!


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