I’m so behind on all of the nail art tutorials I’ve promised from the last few months… or maybe years >_> But things are changing, I’m feeling proactive and inspired for the first time in ages 😀 I’m going to write about my lazy inspiration but the general idea is that I’m going to embrace my laziness but find ways to continue being inspired… hence the name lazy inspirations XD So today let’s do the tulip nails I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago! This is actually kind of timely, we’re going to a tulip festival next weekend, exciting! tulip-nail-art-tutorial-1

  The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! You need:

  • Base colour nail polish
  • Acrylic paint in white and green
  • Tiny paint brush
  • Clear top coat

Start with a base coat of something bright. Load your brush with white paint and make a little curvy “C” shape just below the middle of the nail. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-2   Add another curve on the other side, join them up at the bottom but not at the top. It should look kind of like a really curvy thick “V”. Add another of the shapes either side. Now mix some green paint and paint little lines right to the bottom of the nail for stems. Add more lines for leaves and grass to fill in the nail. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-3 Lastly, if you like you can add in some shadow to the tulips by putting a few stripes of light pink or purple on. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-4 Cute easy and they don’t take very long. Yay! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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