I’m still feeling really low energy from being so sick at the moment so it’s a quick craft today.

I’m really into big, bright, chunky jewellery at the moment but I think most of the stuff I see in store is ridiculously priced so I figured I would just make some myself. My mum found a cheap metal necklace at a store which was closing down but it was very plain and not me.

This is what a few coats of nail polish did to it:


The original necklace:



The polish I used:



It took several coats to get a nice even finish and make the colours really pop. It was very messy trying to get the polish on while they were all still attached. I ended up giving up being neat and using remover to get rid of the messy parts afterwards.



And there it is, bright and pretty! It took a few days because I had to wait for it to dry between each coat.


Now I’m on the hunt for other cheap jewellery I can jazz up. Maybe I’ll check the thrift store and see what pops up there. I just realised that with the sunglasses and jewellery and all the other stuff I’ve been painting more stuff than nails with my nail polish lately XD

I should get back to doing my nails!


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