So remember almost 9 months ago when I posted the finished Home Sweet Home project? Yeah, me either >_>

Anyway there were many, many, many requests on how to make my white rug, the one from the lounge room:



Well I have written this post like 3 times now but the original photos were lost and bla bla bla other excuses that no one cares about. Anyway I made Lottie a matching mini rug so I could retake the photos and here we are!


You need yarn and a large crochet hook. I’m using some fuzzy chenille yarn and a 5.5mm afgan hook.



Start with a foundation chain which is as long as you want the rug to be.



Chain 2 more.



The basis of this entire rug is a single crochet stitch with an extra long loop hanging out the back. When you have so many loops they form a thick shag pile.

So poke the hook through the 3rd chain.

Wrap the yarn around your left index finger to form a big loop.

Use your hook to pull the tail end of that loop through the chain.

Now you have one large loop at the back of the chain and two regular loops on your needle!



Now wrap the yarn around the hook.



Use the hook to pull the last loop through the other two. Now you have one big loop at the back and one on the hook. Done and ready for next stitch.




So basically you’re just doing a single crochet stitch over and over again but at the beginning you’re wrapping the yarn around your finger so there’s a huge loop hanging out the back. I’m thinking it might be easier to explain this in a video!


Repeat this stitch until you reach the end of the row. It will feel awkward at first but it gets much easier. When you reach the end of the row chain two, turn and go back the other way. This time the loops will be on the wrong side so after each stitch move the big loop to the front and begin the next stitch.

If you want a less thick pile you could always just do a regular single crochet every second row but I love how plush this version is:


After a few rows you’ll get something like this with a flat back and a bobbly front:


And eventually something like this…


Then this…


And like 6 billion years later something like this:



Once you get to this length you’re half way there! This is why we called this the 365 Day Rug!


And that’s really it, I ended up doing mine in two sections because I wasn’t sure how much yarn I would have but it worked out well because even at this size it was completely unruly to work on and a real pain in the butt. I probably wouldn’t make one of these again unless I was going to do it in lots of small sections. It gets far too heavy to work on something this big!

Anyway I’m glad this tutorial is out of the way finally, let me know if you try it out or have any questions!

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