Less a tutorial and more “LOOK WHAT I FINALLY FINISHED!” 😀

So the back story here is that one of my most awesome internet friends Miss BGDino is getting married soon and I had to make her and her equally awesome partner a wedding present which is as great as they are!

James came up with the idea as Miss BGDino’s partner is called Mr Slippers on her blog and we needed a name to call them collectively and thus DinoSlippers was born. How could I not make their wedding present actual matching dinosaur couple slippers? Seriously.

And this was the result:

Mrs Dino Slippers



And Mr Dino Slippers





I didn’t bother with a pattern because I had an idea in my head and it’s a fairly easy shape. No pattern because I didn’t count stitches but here are the basic shapes. The bottoms are made in one piece and then folded over and stitched around the side.



Some more during shots…




Straight stitches for the win!


Next I added a top part so the foot could slide in and then went about shaping the head.



I totally underestimated how much yarn it would use and I ended up going out to Lincraft like 3 times to get more XD




Lastly I needle felted on their faced! Moustache for the boys…



And bows for the girls!


Before I sent them off I used puff paint to write “Mr” and “Mrs” on the bottom of the slippers for a non-slip effect. It dried a lot harder than I was expecting but it still looked cute ^_^

This is probably one of the biggest projects I’ve done this year so I’m really glad that it turned out well and was for really lovely people. It’s a really nice feeling to be finished and know that they loved them!

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