This is totally the year of long term projects! Something that I’ve wanted to do for a few years was put together a monthly email mail out which is an extension of the site. Not just a list of my posts for the month and stuff I’ve done but something which was a little bit more… awesome.

And so The VLB was born!


Welcome to The VLB!

This is a monthly newsletter for Violet’s Lovely Besties in which you’ll find all kinds of awesomeness. The first issue is going to be sent tomorrow morning so make sure you sign up now to receive it straight to your inbox! I’m feeling positive and I want to share the ideas, tips and inspiration I’ve had.

TheVLBPreviewIn each issue you’ll find:

  • Free exclusive downloadable craft tutorials
  • Articles and life 101 tips
  • Violet’s favourite craft links from around the web
  • Great new bloggers you should be following
  • Monthly round up of the best bits from
  • Q&A with Bergamot Bunny
  • Discounts and coupons for the store
  • Awesome inspiration
  • Sneak previews of upcoming projects
  • And heaps more!


The welcome email also includes  a full list of all the currently downloadable tutorials and desktop backgrounds.

So… let’s be besties!
Sign up below and have the welcome email sent right away and the first issue tomorrow!
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