Today I’ll show you how I use my L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod to get super smooth straight hair. It’s totally awesome and doesn’t damage hair as much as a traditional straightener, I love it!

Here’s the text transcript:

Hey Besties!!
Look how lovely and straight my hair is!
Today I’ll show you how to straighten your hair using the L’Oreal & Rowenta Steam Pod!
I was lucky enough to win this Steam Pod as a door prize at the Garnier “Goodbye Damage” event.
I’m so glad that I did because this has become the love of my life.
This is my hair before I start. I washed it the night before, dried it and put some of the serum through.
This is the Steam Pod!
It’s like a normal straighter but it has a built in comb and these jets that shoot out steam.
The other half is the pod that goes on your bathroom counter.
It has suction cup feet that keep it in place.
The top comes off and you just fill it with water up to the max line.
It’s even comes with a water testing kit so you can see if you have hard or soft water.
Then pop it back onto the pod and you’re good to go!
Turn it on and wait about 90 seconds for it to heat up.
While you’re waiting, brush and section your hair into four sections just like you would for a normal straightener.
While you’re at it, pin back your fringe!
You can tell it’s ready when you close the straightener and steam starts to come out.
You’ve already applied heat protector, right?
Take a small section of hair, clamp the steam pod on top of it and move in the direction of the arrows.
The arrows are really important because it makes sure that the comb is going on the right side.
oooOOOoooo, soft!
Now just continue working section by section.
It can sound a bit scary because once you clamp it down the steam starts blasting out.
Even though it sounds scary it’s actually doing a lot less damage than a traditional straightener!
Before and after!
Frizzy, not frizzy. Silky smooth and shiny, not so silky or shiny.
Now repeat!
You don’t want to look like a before and after, right?
It’s actually really quick to do this, It takes me about 10 min max and that’s in my brain-no-workie just got up mode.
Don’t forget to do your fringe!
I do my fringe in two sections, bottom and top.
I’m not so much into the science-y side of things but you can read more about what it’s actually doing on their website.
I just care that it works!
Tadaa, all done!
Perfectly sleek and smooth and this will last pretty much up until I wash my hair again, about 3-4 days.
I can not tell you how much I love this steam pod.
I still use a traditional straightener for curling but this leaves my hair feeling great and healthy.
For more info check their website and thanks so much for watching, bye!~~~~~~~~~~~~



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