Well it’s not Summer here but I think I’m a bit tired of Winter so I’m pretending it is >_>

For someone who only ever seems to wear one pair of sunglasses I sure have a lot of them hanging around the house. So on a mission to get rid of the things I didn’t use I decided to give some of the sunglasses a make over and actually start using them!

The end result is pink and green, perfect for a warm Spring day out! Now if only we had some warm days!


Originally the sunglasses were clear and pink. Cute but for some reason I never really wore them.



All it took was a few coats of nail polish!



I got some polish on the lenses because I was a bit careless it it was easy to poke off with a toothpick once dry.






Super cute!




It’s inspired me to be a bit more creative and try to dress up my other sunglasses too!


I’m on a roll with my crafting! I’m going to start some new knitting projects this weekend, what are you guys crafting at the moment?


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