Over the last few months I’ve been trying to change my life a bit. Nothing crazy but James and I are trying to eat a bit more healthily, treating my skin better and work in actual routines rather than just going to bed when I’m too tired to work anymore. We are even trying to exercise a bit… that’s a bit much though so baby steps!

Anyway skin care is something that I want to learn more about. I tend to get frustrated at the possibilities of allergic reactions so I put it in the “too hard” basket and don’t put in the time and effort to research things thoroughly. It’s not a great attitude to have really so I decided enough was enough, time to take better care of myself!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by FOREO to test out their new product, the LUNA Skincare Device, so I jumped at the chance! A fancy face cleansing system has been on my “to buy” list for quite a while but I had never gotten around to researching and pricing them either. I seriously need to stop being so lazy and find time for all of this stuff.


Shipping directly from their online store took around 5 days to me in Aus. It came in a heavy box including recharge cable, short instructions (full ones available online) and a little travel bag. It was all very well packaged and the materials used were very luxurious.


So what exactly is it?

The short version is that it’s a fancy tool to clean your face. It’s used with your regular cleaning products and when turned on it vibrates to get rid of all the dirt you can’t see on your face.

As opposed to a lot of the other cleaning brushes I’ve seen this one doesn’t rotate, it vibrates. According to their website it uses T-Sonic™ technology which is supposed to vibrate more dirt/whatever out of your skin and promote healthier skin beneath the surface. It’s made of soft silicone and has tiny silicon fingers which are in different shapes and styles depending on which model you order. The models/colours correspond to different skin types, I was sent the sensitive/normal one which is pink.


It requires charging out of the box which took around an hour. There are indicator lights on it to let you know when it’s done.

Basically you apply your cleanser or whatever you are cleaning your face with then turn it on and rub around your face with it. Easy. The entire thing is pretty idiot proof actually which is awesome because first thing in the morning I have no patience for anything that takes brain power.



There are 3 buttons: on, + and -. The plus and minus buttons control the power level of the vibrations. One feature I like is that once you set the power you want, it remembers it every time you use it even after being switched off. I use it on a medium setting.



I also love that the entire unit is water proof so it’s fine to use in the shower. It also times how long you should be using it using short stops in the vibrations. It vibrates then stops for a moment 3 times indicating how long to spend in each area of the face. After that it gives 3 short bursts at once to let you know that it’s time to stop or keep going for a little longer if you prefer. Then you press the middle button and it waits for you to wash off, pressing the button again and it starts the anti-ageing mode.

The anti-ageing mode is used with the other side of the Luna, it has ridges rather than the silicon fingers. I found this side more awkward to use as it was rounded rather than flat. This mode is supposed to reduce fine lines and it supposedly improves skin elasticity as well. I can’t really say that it’s made any major changes to face so far but I think that would take longer than a few weeks if it was going to happen.

Again I like that it times things for me because I have very little concept of time in the shower XD



When looking at the photos online I was worried that the little finger parts might be a little hard for my face. My skin is crazy sensitive so I can’t usually use anything scrubby on it unless I want to look like a tomato for a few days. In person, the fingers on the FOREO LUNA are super soft and they didn’t irritate my skin at all. Yay!

Now it wouldn’t be a fair review without some downsides. I have ongoing sinus problems/infections/etc and I found that I couldn’t use the LUNA anywhere remotely close to my nose because they vibrations caused a very unpleasant tingling feeling there and under my eyes. If you have sinus issues you might want to try before you buy and see if you experience something similar.


The other main sticking point I have is the price, the regular sized LUNA is $249, a lot of the brush based competitors are around the $150 price range but when you factor in replacement brushes over the life of the machine I think you’d be approaching a similar price if not more. The LUNA is supposed to last for 10 years without needing anything so looking at it as $24.90 a year seems a lot less scary. That’s how I justify my purchases anyway, cost per use. There is also a mini version which is $179. Or you can go the FULL LUXURY route and get the 18-karat gold base model for $8,000-10,900 *_*

Product information provided:

FOREO LUNA Skincare Device RRP AU$249, available in Pink, Blue and White according to skin type (Violet uses Pink for Normal/Sensitive Skin). Available online with worldwide shipping at www.foreo.com

That all said, I think they are fairly minor complaints when I consider my skin has improved SO much while using the Luna.



This is my full routine when using it:

– Apply cleanser. Turn on.
– Clean first cheek until first pause.
– Clean second cheek until second pause.
– Clean forehead until three short pauses. Turn off
– Wash off cleanser.
– Turn on for anti-ageing mode.
– Use on first cheek until first pause.
– Use on second cheek until second pause.
– Use on forehead until three short pauses. Turn off

Afterwards I apply my moisturisers etc.


So does it actually do anything? Yes! My skin feels SO much softer and smooth since I started using it. I’ve noticed that my moisturisers absorb into my skin a lot quicker as well. Foundations go on a lot smoother and I find myself having more days where I just apply concealer on my dark circles rather than full foundations or BB Cream. I think this has been a really great first step into taking better care of my skin and myself in general.

I actually find using it a really relaxing part of my morning routine, it’s like getting a fancy massage!


So verdict? If it was within my budget I would 100% buy again. My skin feels awesome and it’s very little effort for nice results. I’m really interested to see what happens with this long term and whether any of the anti-ageing bits make any difference. I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made in a couple of weeks anyway so I’ll be continuing to use it twice a day as part of my routine. I would definitely recommend this as a skin car product,

Now if I could just make changes to other areas of my life like motivation to work out etc so easily!!

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