Oh my god… two tutorials in a row? Unheard of recently! To be fair, this is such a self explanatory tutorial it’s more just inspiration really…

I am super picky when it comes to flat shoes. SUPER picky. I spent months trying to find ones to replace the ones Lottie killed.

So eventually I found some but I didn’t think they were quite fancy enough so I took a few minutes and added some extra spikes, and this is how they turned out!


Originally they came like this, the little dots are grey diamontes on top of a lacy cut out. Cute but not over the top enough for me.



That is something easily fixed though.



To do this you will need prong backed spikes. I bought mine on sale at Diva for $1 a pack but you can buy on ebay too. For other ideas what to do with spikes I made a video on making a cute spiked headband too.



Step one… place studs where you want them. I played around with several designs before I settled on one.



Step 2… press studs through the material and fold the backs over. DONE! Seriously.



It can be a little tricky to shove the spikes through without hurting your fingers especially if the shoes are very thick. I found that placing a layer of felt over the spike then using pliers to shove it through worked best for me. The felt protects the shiny finish from the pliers. Easy!


Shortest project ever but it’s one of the ones I’m happiest with because I now love these shoes and have been wearing them so much this week to break them in! Double win 😀



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